Our information service, managed by Eminoğlu Customs, regularly monitors general and sectoral legislative changes, and our customers are immediately informed. General information can also be made through this application, which is highly appreciated by our customers.

Customs Clearance Services Solution Partner

For many years, the following customs transactions have been carried out on behalf of their valuable customers in all Customs and Trade Departments affiliated to the Ministry of Trade and related official institutions and organizations. successfully follows and concludes.

  • Import & Customs Transactions
  • Export & Customs Transactions
  • Transit Regime Transactions,
  • Internal Processing Operations,
  • External Processing Operations ,
  • Customs Control; Under Processing Regime,
  • Warehouse Operations,
  • Temporary Import Procedures,
  • Temporary Export Procedures,
  • Post Customs Transactions,
  • Free Zone Transactions,
  • Re-Export Operations,
  • Destruction Operations,
  • Abandonment Procedures,
  • Exemption and Exception from Customs Duty,
  • Transactions Regarding the Goods to be Liquidated,
  • Returned Goods Transactions,
  • Border Trade Transactions